Opalite, a man-made gemstone renowned for its metaphysical properties, holds the potential to bring spiritual positivity into one’s life. To ensure its effectiveness, regular cleansing and charging are essential. By eliminating negative energy and spiritual impurities, opalite can maintain its powerful attributes.

Various methods can be employed to cleanse opalite, including water, smoke, earth, and sound vibration. Additionally, charging opalite is crucial to enhance its metaphysical benefits. Moonlight charging, visualization charging, burying in the ground, and sound frequency charging are some effective techniques for infusing energy into the stone. It is important to note that certain crystals cannot be charged under moonlight.

By adhering to proper cleansing and charging practices, opalite’s beauty, fashionability, and metaphysical properties can be heightened, leading to spiritual positivity.

This article will explore the methods of cleansing and charging opalite, offering insights into harnessing its power for spiritual well-being.

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  • Opalite is a beautiful gemstone with metaphysical properties that can be used for spiritual purposes and to invite positivity into your life.
  • Cleansing opalite regularly is important to remove negative energy and spiritual impurities, and it can be done using water, smoke, earth, or sound vibration.
  • Charging opalite is necessary for its continued effectiveness in spiritual purposes, and it can be done using moonlight, visualization, burying it in the ground, or sound frequency.

– Proper care of opalite crystals, including cleaning and charging, enhances their beauty and fashionability and promotes their mental health benefits such as calming nerves and promoting good sleep.

What is Opalite?


Opalite is a man-made gemstone known for its powerful metaphysical properties and is commonly used for spiritual purposes and to invite positivity into one’s life.

It is a synthetic material created by fusing glass with metal to create a unique opalescent appearance. Opalite is often mistaken for a natural gemstone due to its resemblance to opal, but it does not have the same chemical composition or geological origins.

Despite being man-made, opalite is still believed to possess spiritual properties and is valued for its ability to calm nerves, promote good sleep, and enhance one’s mood. It is also associated with the moon and is believed to carry the energies of the lunar cycle.

Opalite is a versatile gemstone that can be used for jewelry, meditation, or as a decorative object for spiritual practices.

Methods of Cleansing


Water cleansing is a common method used to remove impurities from gemstones, including opalite. To cleanse opalite using water, one must simply submerge the stone in clean water for a few minutes. This process helps to wash away any negative energy or spiritual impurities that may have accumulated.

It is important to note that opalite should not be soaked for an extended period or placed in saltwater, as this can potentially damage the stone. Once the cleansing process is complete, the opalite should be dried thoroughly before use.

Water cleansing is a gentle and effective way to purify opalite and restore its metaphysical properties, allowing it to continue emanating positive energy and promoting spiritual well-being.

Methods of Charging


One effective method of charging gemstones, including opalite, is through the use of moonlight. Moonlight charging is a popular and widely used method due to its association with the moon’s energy.

To charge opalite using moonlight, you can place the stone in a safe and clean area outdoors, ideally on a windowsill or balcony, where it can directly receive the moon’s rays. It is recommended to charge opalite during a full moon for maximum effectiveness.

The moonlight helps to replenish and restore the energy of the opalite, enhancing its metaphysical properties. This charging method allows the stone to absorb the gentle and calming energy of the moon, promoting a sense of spiritual positivity and balance within the crystal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can opalite be used for physical healing purposes?

Opalite is primarily associated with spiritual purposes rather than physical healing. While it may have calming effects on the nervous system, it is not widely recognized as a gemstone used specifically for physical healing purposes.

How long should opalite be cleansed and charged for optimal effectiveness?

Opalite should be cleansed and charged regularly to maintain its optimal effectiveness. The duration for cleansing and charging may vary depending on personal preference, but it is generally recommended to do so as often as possible to ensure the crystal’s purity and positive energy.

Can opalite be cleansed and charged simultaneously?

Opalite can be cleansed and charged simultaneously. Cleansing removes negative energy, while charging replenishes its energy. Methods such as visualization or sound frequency can be used to cleanse and charge opalite, enhancing its spiritual positivity.

Are there any specific precautions to take when cleansing opalite with water?

Specific precautions should be taken when cleansing opalite with water. Avoid immersing the stone in water for extended periods as it may cause damage. Instead, gently rinse the opalite under running water and pat dry to maintain its integrity.

Can opalite be cleansed and charged using other gemstones or crystals?

Opalite can be cleansed and charged using other gemstones or crystals. This can be done by placing opalite with other cleansing or charging stones such as clear quartz, selenite, or amethyst. These stones can amplify the cleansing and charging energies for opalite.

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