Crystals have been utilized for centuries for their purported healing properties, boasting a 100% success rate when it comes to alleviating sickness. In the realm of healing nausea and vomiting, there exist thirteen particularly potent crystals, renowned for their therapeutic and energetic attributes.

Morning sickness can be addressed effectively through the use of Amazonite, Larimar, Petalite, and Seraphinite crystals. For general nausea and pregnancy-related nausea, Moonstone, Labradorite, Green Aventurine, and Chrysoprase are recommended. Motion sickness, on the other hand, can be mitigated with Green Calcite, Rhodonite, and Aragonite crystals.

These crystals can be worn, placed on the body, or employed during meditation to unlock their healing potential. It should be emphasized, however, that while crystals can offer symptom relief, it is essential to seek medical treatment as well.

Readers are invited to share their personal experiences with these crystals in the comments section, as they offer a natural and alternative approach to healing sickness.

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  • There are 13 powerful crystals for healing sickness, including morning sickness, nausea, and motion sickness.
  • The best crystals for morning sickness are Amazonite, Larimar, Petalite, and Seraphinite.
  • The best crystals for nausea and pregnancy nausea are Moonstone, Labradorite, Green Aventurine, and Chrysoprase.

– The best crystals for motion sickness are Green Calcite, Rhodonite, Aragonite, Nuummite, and Richterite.

Crystals for Morning Sickness


The use of crystals for healing sickness extends to morning sickness, with Amazonite, Larimar, Petalite, and Seraphinite being the top choices due to their healing and therapeutic properties.

Amazonite, when placed on the lower abdomen or held in the right hand, can provide relief from morning sickness.

Larimar, on the other hand, is recommended to be worn around the neck every morning to calm the body and alleviate morning sickness symptoms.

Petalite can be used for meditation, releasing its healing powers and helping with morning sickness.

Lastly, Seraphinite, associated with angelic beings, is believed to have healing properties for nausea and vomiting.

When using these crystals, it is important to ensure that they are charged and cleansed for optimal results.

However, it is also important to note that while crystals can be beneficial, seeking medical treatment is still recommended for morning sickness.

Crystals for Nausea and Pregnancy Nausea


Moonstone, Labradorite, Green Aventurine, and Chrysoprase are effective in alleviating symptoms of nausea and pregnancy nausea. These crystals possess healing properties that can provide relief and promote well-being.

  • Moonstone, when worn as a pendant, soothes and relaxes the body, making it useful in alleviating pregnancy nausea.
  • Labradorite, when kept around, helps with nausea at any time of the day and promotes healing.
  • Green Aventurine not only heals nausea but also attracts good luck and promotes well-being.
  • Chrysoprase calms the digestive system and can be carried as a tumbled stone for nausea relief.

These crystals offer a natural and holistic approach to managing nausea and pregnancy nausea. By harnessing their healing energies, individuals can experience relief from these discomforting symptoms.

While crystals can be a valuable tool in managing nausea, it is important to note that seeking medical treatment and advice should always be a priority.

Crystals for Motion Sickness


When it comes to managing motion sickness, certain crystals such as Green Calcite, Rhodonite, and Aragonite have been found to be effective in reducing symptoms.

Green Calcite is known for its ability to keep the mind calm and engaged, which can help alleviate motion sickness during travels.

Rhodonite, on the other hand, is a crystal that balances emotions and has been found to alleviate motion sickness when meditated with before traveling.

Aragonite, found in Europe, is another crystal that holds positive energy and is beneficial for those suffering from motion sickness.

These crystals work by addressing the underlying causes of motion sickness and promoting a sense of calm and balance.

It is important to note that while crystals can be helpful in managing motion sickness, it is still recommended to seek medical treatment and advice for severe cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it usually take for crystals to start alleviating symptoms of morning sickness?

The time it takes for crystals to alleviate symptoms of morning sickness can vary depending on the individual. Some may experience relief immediately, while others may take several days or weeks. It is important to continue using the crystals consistently for optimal results.

Are there any side effects or risks associated with using crystals for nausea relief during pregnancy?

Using crystals for nausea relief during pregnancy may have potential risks and side effects. It is important to consult with a healthcare professional as crystals may interact with medications or have adverse effects on the mother or baby.

Can crystals be used as a standalone treatment for motion sickness, or should they be used in conjunction with other remedies?

Crystals should not be used as a standalone treatment for motion sickness. While they can provide some relief, it is recommended to use them in conjunction with other remedies such as medication or natural remedies like ginger to effectively manage motion sickness symptoms.

Are there any specific rituals or practices that can enhance the healing properties of crystals for motion sickness?

Specific rituals or practices that can enhance the healing properties of crystals for motion sickness include cleansing and charging the crystals regularly, using them during meditation or visualization, and placing them on specific energy points on the body.

Can crystals be used to prevent motion sickness, or are they only effective in alleviating symptoms once they occur?

Crystals can be used both to prevent and alleviate motion sickness. Certain crystals like Green Calcite and Aragonite have calming properties that can help prevent symptoms, while others like Rhodonite can be used to alleviate symptoms when they occur.

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